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Reliable Trucking and Hauling Services in Campbell River

Before excavation and landscaping, it is crucial to have an effective delivery and hauling system available so the project can continue without any unnecessary hindrance. Island Iron Excavating & Landscaping provides efficient and reliable trucking & hauling services to residential and commercial property owners in Campbell River and surrounding areas. Any excavation or landscaping job requires the transportation and delivery of materials such as topsoil, bark mulch, decorative gravel and planters. Our trucks are capable of transporting materials for medium to small-sized projects and even help transport materials within the property if the job requires it. 

The hauling of various types of construction and demolition debris is crucial during a project that is deadline-oriented. Our hauling services make sure all the debris is collected and transported in a timely manner so that the work on-site does not get stalled. Our trucks are equipped to haul any sort of waste material or debris you would need transported off-site. Browse through the state-of-the-art equipment we use for hauling and transportation of materials. Then call us for any trucking, hauling, excavation or landscaping requirement.

Our Trucking and Hauling Capabilities

We provide timely transport of materials to and from the excavation site. Our trucking and hauling capabilities include:


Bark mulch

Clean fill

Pit run


Rocks and boulders

Stump and log removal

Decorative gravel

Rubbish removal (even metal)

Decorative plants, trees and bushes

And much more


Call & Haul

Our trucks can efficiently haul all kinds of material for construction, excavation and landscaping projects.

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